10 Best Travel Apps That You’ll Benefit From

There are so many apps that can do pretty much anything these days – it can be overwhelming to know which ones will actually help you while travelling. I’ve made it easier for you by identifying the 10 best travel apps that you’ll truly benefit from. I consistently used all of the 10 apps whilst I was backpacking Australia & Asia; they made my trip a whole lot simpler, easier and more cost-effective.


Maps.Me is a must-have app as you don’t need 3G or data as long as you download the map you need beforehand. Easily get directions, pin locations, identify nearby attractions, restaurants and much more.


A hassle-free way to install eSIMs – perfect for travellers. I used Airalo a few times in Asia and found the installation process seamless. I always had great signal and the eSIMs were available for a reasonable price. Select your desired data package and duration, activate your eSIM and you’re good to go!

PRO TIP: If two of you are downloading the app, be sure to send a referral code. You’ll both get $3 off your first transaction! Then earn more Airmoney & vouchers the more times you purchase an Airalo eSIM


No matter where you are in the world, find reasonably priced accommodation on Booking.com. Be sure to make an account and reap the rewards from their genius loyalty programme. In total I saved £318 due to their genius savings and even got a few free room upgrades out of it. Bargain!

You can also book flights, attractions and rent cars on the app. It really does do it all!


Agoda is another great app to find cheap accommodation. I love to make sure I’m always getting the best deal, so will compare the price on Booking.com and Agoda; occasionally Agoda will have a lower rate! They also do 2-hour discounts which you can activate to grab an even better deal. Similarly to Booking.com, Agoda has a rewards scheme where you can save with Agodacash and Cashback Rewards.

Google Translate

Heading to a country that doesn’t speak your language? Google Translate is the app for you. Either type what you want to translate or speak into the microphone for hassle-free translations. I found this app particularly useful in South Korea as the app has a camera function which translates text. That meant I wasn’t restricted to only eating in restaurants that had English menus!


If you’re heading to Southeast Asia, be sure to download Grab. Similarly to Uber, Grab sets a fixed price prior to travelling so you always know how much you’re paying for taxis. When I was in Cambodia I tried to instruct the TukTuk driver where I wanted to go – sadly I was taken to the other side of the city and missed a show! Since then I always used Grab to ensure the driver knew exactly where I wanted to go.


One of the most important 10 best travel apps in my opinion – Netflix! If you’ve got a little downtime, stream your favourite TV shows, documentaries and movies on the Netflix app. If you’ve got a big flight or long day of travelling be sure to download your shows beforehand to ensure you don’t have to endure annoying buffering!


Klook is the ideal app if you’re wanting to book tours, rent a car or partake in fun activities and attractions. Check out their offers page to see if you can grab an even better deal! Get 5% off your first app booking with promo code “BetterOnApp”.


If you’re planning a roadtrip, be sure to download Gasbuddy. Find the best fuel price anywhere – ideal for long journeys in a big vehicle. Check out my recent blog post where you’ll find even more great money-saving roadtrip tips.


You’re bound to see some stunning nighttime views while travelling. Download the Skyview app; simply point your phone towards the sky and identify stars, constellations and satellites. You’ll be a stargazing pro in no time!

I hope you found this post about the 10 best travel apps you’ll actually benefit from insightful. Let me know if you have any more that should be added to the list!

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