Best New Zealand Travel Guide

Famed for its unparalleled beauty, New Zealand should be on the top of everyone’s travelling list. Divided up into North and South Island, here you can expect beautiful picturesque mountains, green luscious scenery and the brightest blue waters. Keep on reading if you’re interested in the best travel guide when travelling around New Zealand.


My biggest piece of advice to you when travelling around New Zealand is to rent a car – and book it well in advance. Not only will you save money by renting a car earlier, you’ll also have more options. Check out my blog post here which explains how you can save on roadtrips in more detail.

Getting around rural areas while relying on buses can be very costly, so renting a car is your best option. You also have the freedom and autonomy to stop wherever you want; something you’ll be doing a lot as there are endless photo opportunities! Check out car rental comparison websites like Kayak to make sure you’re getting the best price.

If you don’t want to rent a car, I recommend getting buses as they stop in most cities, check out Intercity for travel passes and prices.


Whilst in New Zealand you’ll want to soak up the sights and be with nature, the best way to do this is to rent bikes. If you’re on a budget stick to renting mountain bikes, or if you want to pay the extra, e-bikes are fantastic.

Check out for tons of activities while in New Zealand as it can be cheaper than going direct. I always booked bicycles through as tended to be cheaper than in store.


New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, so the best time to visit is during the summer months between December to March. However, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed good weather! I visited in January, and while the majority of the time was beautiful, sun-filled days, the weather can change rather unexpectedly.

Be sure to always carry around a rain coat with you, as you can expect to experience all 4 seasons in one day! It may start off looking a little grey and dreary, in a few hours it could then be glorious weather! It is very unpredictable.


If you’re on a roadtrip and fancy a bit of adventure, I recommend buying camping gear and staying in a tent most nights. Not only does it keep costs down, it’s also a great way to be with nature and experience something a little different! Some campsites are even free, and you can stay in the most beautiful places!

Pro tip: Check out Facebook marketplace/charity shops for cheap camping gear, or if you’re purchasing new gear head to The Warehouse for reasonable prices. Once you no longer need your camping gear, sell it on Facebook marketplace or Gumtree to get a little cash back!

If camping isn’t your thing, there’s an abundance of hostels. Expect to pay NZ$25-$35 for a dorm room per night. If you’re travelling with more than one person, it can sometimes be the same price for a private room so be sure to always compare prices.

Travel Advice

  • Purchase a visa before travelling, cost NZD$35 each
  • Queenstown was the most expensive place in New Zealand. Prices are definitely inflated here, from supermarkets to eating out. However, they’re crying out for backpackers to work here. You’ll find plenty of vacancy notices on almost every shop! Be sure to stock up on toiletries beforehand if you want to avoid paying the premium
  • The North Island typically is warmer than the South
  • Both Islands are beautiful, but if you want to experience utterly stunning views, the North Island is best suited
  • If you’re renting a car and travelling between North & South Island, check out how much it would be to drop the car off before the crossing as tickets are more expensive on the ferry with a car
  • It’s always good to carry a bit of cash, especially for campsites but for the most part credit and debit cards are widely accepted
  • Be prepared for all weathers! Always have a rain coat with you

Must-Do Activities

Hobbiton: Even if you haven’t watched the movies, you should still visit the Hobbiton film set. You’ll be accompanied with a tour guide while you explore the lush pastures of the Shire. Then to end, head into The Green Dragon Inn for a complementary drink!

Mount Cook National Park: Mount Cook is the tallest mountain of New Zealand. Wander through glaciers and spectacular mountains – there are lots of walks to choose from, and it truly is a stunning sight. It got very windy and a chilly when I visited so be sure to take a rain coat!

Queenstown: Bungy jump where it was invented – Kawarau bridge bungy! If you’re seeking some thrills, this is the place for you.

Thanks for reading the best New Zealand travel guide. Do you have any other tips you want to share?

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